March 15, 2011

the babies !!!

Baby said : biar masih kecil, aku juga mau gaya dong Ma...biar keren kayak kakak..!!
Mommy said : oke sweety..nanti Mama pesenin, kan sekarang tante 'ammi&abi' punya kaos ukuran baby..
Baby said : horeee...!!! makacii Mama, makacii juga tante ammi & om abi...

 handmade forever !!!


  1. What a cute blog..beautiful tee shirts too! I am now your follower as well...thank you for following me.

  2. thank you caroll,,
    wellcome to my blog, hope u'll enjoy it :)

  3. so cheery! really good for little ones!

  4. absolutely fiona...
    I love babies so much,,so I made the cutest for the babies outside ^^


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